Sight Words Centers EDITABLE!


Total Pages: 38 pages each month -because it is editable, you can create endless activities
File Size: 53 MB

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Product Description

These sight word centers are perfect for kindergarten or first grade. The words are editable so you can enter your own sight words!

These sight word center activities allow YOU to select the exact sight words you want to focus on.

Here are the sight word centers that are included:
→Sentence building sight word activity
→Roll and write sight word activity
→Connect 3 sight word activity
→Monthly sight word activity center
→Monthly Words sight word game center
→Sight word BINGO
→Sight word BUMP game
→Sight word center activity with sentence writing

Each center allows for 6 sight words (up to up to 7 letters long).

NOTE: Words that contain “m” and “w” take more than 1 font size space.

This file currently contains:

Perfect for Sight Word Center Differentiation!

Target student instruction to THEIR needs with 6 focus sight words per page that you program in. You will just type the sight words in 6 boxes (ie because, went, their, can, play, which). I have programmed this document to then import these words onto every page.


EDITABLE FILES: Hi there… in order to enter your own sight words you will need to keep these things in mind:

1. Open the file in ADOBE (it will not allow you to edit in any other document reader)

2. Once you download the file, close all of your internet browsers, then open the file. The ADOBE app will not let you edit the file with the correct fonts.

3. Be sure your ADOBE is up to date.

Please let me know if you experience difficulty.

I hope you enjoy!


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