Task Cards for First Grade | Math


Total Pages: 175+
File Size: 25 MB


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Product Description

These First Grade Task Cards focus on Math standards!

These are student self-paced task cards that allow students to complete the tasks in any order you design for them. This simplifies the differentiation process!

This FIRST GRADE task card set includes the following math standards:

  • Word Problems Set 1
  • Word Problems Set 2
  • Addition Within 20
  • Subtraction Within 20
  • Addition With 3 Addends
  • Number Bonds
  • Subtraction With Number Families
  • Addition With Number Families
  • Adding 2
  • Subtracting 2
  • Addition Strategies Set 1
  • Addition Strategies Set 2
  • Counting On
  • Place Value Set 1
  • Ten Frame Place Value Set 1
  • Ten Frame Place Value Set 2
  • Place Value Count and Record
  • Greater Than Less Than
  • Color By Code Set 1
  • Color By Code Set 2
  • Measurement
  • Time to the Hour
  • Time to the Half Hour
  • Time Mixed Review
  • Graphing Set 1
  • Graphing Set 2
  • 2D Shapes Set 1
  • 2D Shapes Set 2
  • Partitioning Shapes
  • 3D Shapes
  • Money Set 1
  • Canadian Coins Included

These first grade task cards also include:

  • a differentiated “I Can Card”
  • response activity for each task.
  • most task cards have 2 levels of responses!
  • an answer key
  • a student tracking menu


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Q: Where can I find the colorful task card boxes?

A: I bought them on AMAZON, but you can also find them at MICHAELS.

Q: How many boxes will I need?

A: There are over 40 tasks in the unit. It depends if you want to prepare them ALL ahead of time, so you can just swap them out quickly… or if you want to rotate them in. Some tasks you may not need at the beginning of the year (like long vowels) and you may want to rotate them in. That being said, I think you should have at least two sets (one for ELA and one for math).