The Little Red Hen | Literacy Centers and Math Centers


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Product Description

These literacy centers and math centers feature the traditional tale: The Little Red Hen. These classroom activities are for kindergarten and first grade. Each set has 5 literacy center activities and 5 math center activities. This is a perfect way to differentiate your student centers.

Here is what you will see in this student learning center pack.

Kindergarten Literacy Centers

  • Puzzles Beginning Sounds Literacy Center ( t, a, b, h) and (n, m, r, l)
  • Alphabetical Order Literacy Activity
  • Label the Pictures Literacy Center
  • Sentence Writing Literacy Center
  • Bump Uppercase and Lowercase letters, Beginning Sounds Literacy Center (F, C, D, G)

Kindergarten Math Centers

  • Counting/Number (1-6) Identification Board Math Game
  • Roll and Trace, Roll and Writing Math Center
  • Counting & Ten Frame Math Puzzles (1-6)
  • Subitizing Match-Up Math Center (1-6)
  • Counting Objects Math Center Activity

First Grade Literacy Centers

  • Puzzles Beginning BlendsLiteracy Center ( bl, fl, cl, pl) and (tr, gr, fr, cr)
  • CVC Word Puzzle Literacy Center
  • Ending Sounds Literacy Center
  • Fix the Sentences Writing Literacy Center
  • Write the Story Literacy Activity

First Grade Math Centers

  • Addition/Subtraction Math Board Game
  • Additional Puzzle Math Center
  • Place Value with Base Ten Math Center
  • Adding Objects Math Center
  • Making 20 Math Center

Each center activity comes with an “I Can” card for student independence.

Most activities have a student response page that can be used as an exit ticket.

I have included both grade levels so teachers will have options in their classrooms. I understand, there will be some activities that you will not be able to use in your classroom. Therefore the price has been adjusted accordingly.

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