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Decodable Books with Thematic & Seasonal Texts | June and Beach Fun

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Decodable books are an essential part of the Science of Reading approach to instruction.  Build strong readers with these seasonal and thematic decodable books that feature fishing, beach fun, camping and more! Not only are these interactive decodable books FUN, they are also ENGAGING!  The decodable texts align with the best practices from the Science of Reading.


If you already use my Science of Reading Decodable Books and Not Your Mother’s Reading Curriculum, these books will fit in perfectly.  They will offer additional practice that your emergent readers will love.


Do you use my Decodable Readers Guided Reading Science of Reading Curriculum? These books will fit right in! Lesson plans are not included for these books, but you can use these for extra practice to extend the units.


Here are the phonics blending skills that are included in this set of decodable readers:

  • CVC Words
  • CVCe Words
  • Digraph Words
  • Blends Words


Here are the titles that are included in this June – Ocean Fun set of decodable books:


  • Fishing Decodable Book—Mitch and Jane go fishing with worms.
  • Kate’s Birthday Lunch Decodable Book—Mom has a birthday lunch for Kate.
  • At the Beach Decodable Book—Chad rides the waves and has fun at the beach.
  • Summer Fun Decodable Book—in this book, students will read about the fun activities in the summer.
  • Ready for Camping Decodable Book—in this book, a family packs for a camping trip.


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Features you will love in these seasonal and thematic books.

  • These are low prep!
  • Simply print, staple, then cut.
  • Students will match the photo to the sentences in the decodable readers.
  • Engaging and supporting images that will not interfere with the best practices of the Science of Reading or Orton – Gillingham approach to instruction.
  • You will love the word bank that supports your students with the words that are not decodable.
  • Decodable word library at the beginning of each reader.


How can I differentiate these decodable texts?

Each month has 5 different books.  At the beginning of the year, you may wish to read this with your students.  As the year progresses you will gradually release responsibility and have your students do more of the decoding work.

Together with your students, you can search and circle the target phonics skills you wish to have students focus on.


Why are the pictures not already in the decodable books?

The Science of Reading asks students to rely on decoding instead of looking at the picture. After the books have been read, then students will love adding the pictures to each page.

Do these thematic and decodable readers align with the best practices of the Science of Reading?  You bet! These books have been specifically written with the Orton – Gillingham approach in mind.  You can feel confident that these books are not only fun, they are also effective.




Deedee Wills


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