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Deedee Wills - Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Science of Reading Phonics Lessons & Slides for Kindergarten, Vowels & Digraphs


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Are you looking for Science of Reading phonics lessons to help your kindergarten students learn short vowels & digraphs? This Science of Reading Growing Readers Vowels & Digraphs, Blending, Decoding & Encoding is packed full of lesson plans, slides, and resources for your whole-group phonics instruction and small-group lessons. This resource includes everything you need for GROWING STRONG READERS with Science of Reading best practices.

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Science of Reading Starting GROWING READERS Curriculum contains components that are aligned to a SOR phonics-based, comprehensive scope & sequence. This SOR-based curriculum includes 36 explicit, science of reading aligned lessons that are done for you! The daily lessons cover phonemic awareness, a speech-to-print approach that reviews short vowels, and introduces digraphs and their sounds, picture sorts, letter writing: explicit instruction on the path of motion using the included digital teaching slides that show the movement as kids follow along, blending and decoding routines that follow a systematic, explicit scope and sequence, orthographic word mapping, irregular high-frequency words instruction using the heart word method, dictation, student printables, and CONNECTED TEXT!

Science of Reading GROWING READERS Curriculum includes daily Spiral review to help every student become a strong reader and writer. Each lesson builds upon previous learning. In these lessons, students will work on phonological awareness, letter-sound relationships, word awareness, decoding, and encoding. Blending phonemes practice is built into each lesson.

These 36 lessons will cover short vowels, digraphs, and y as the long vowel i. This resource provides explicit instruction and practice through word reading, writing, blending, and segmenting.

What’s Included in these science of reading lesson plans:

  • Systematic Scope & Sequence
  • 36 easy-to-follow Lesson Plans in an editable format
  • Daily Teaching Slides
  • Daily Blending Slides with review of previously taught skills
  • High Frequency Teaching Slides following the heart word method
  • Slides with GIF format for letter formation so students can follow along with the slides and form letters correctly
  • Printable charts that show the proper letter formation & mouth formation when making the sound
  • Student Printables
  • Connected Text – These student books are perfect for continual practice or homework
  • Digital and Printable Sound Sorts
  • EVERYTHING you need to Grow Successful Readers!

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To teach letters & sounds check out our STARTING STRONG Science of Reading Resource!


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