Digital Choice Board Free Template

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Digital Choice Board Free Template

Digital Choice Board Free Template

August 8 Deedee 3 min read

Digital Choice Board Free Template!


Digital Choice Board Free Template

This last week, I had a discussion with my friends in my Facebook Group and we got very excited about the idea of digital choice boards.  So I worked on a few templates that you can download for free.  You will find the link towards the end of this blog post.

Digital Choice Board Free Template

What are digital choice boards? 

Digital choice boards are a way to assign tasks for your students… think of it as a digital center assignment board.  

Students can work on the activities you have selected for them as an independent practice task.  Choice means they can do these tasks in any order you wish.  You may want to have ‘must do” and “can-do” tasks on the choice board.  Because I have made it editable, you can customize it to match your classroom needs.  Eventually, once the year gets rolling, you can assign these tasks, then you’ll have time to meet with students for small group instruction.   

Digital choice boards during the first week of school

Just tell your students to do the tasks, the sign out of Zoom… DONE! EASY!   

Who am I kidding? During the first week or two of school, you may want students to complete some of the tasks together with you.   I know we are walking in uncharted territory with virtual teaching, but when we think back at our back-to-school routines, we remember how much we model, model, model.

So, you could have students working together on a task.  Perhaps you are the only one with the activity on your screen.  OR students can have their tasks on their device and follow along.  As the weeks continue, you will have a gradual release of responsibility.  Then you can take this time to start assessing your students.Digital Choice Board Free Template

What type of activities could you have on a digital choice board?

Here are a few ideas that would work great for the beginning of your virtual teaching year!  

These tracing tasks are a wonderful way to expose students to the various tools inside of SEESAW.  We want to keep things simple… right?

You can see a more detail blog post on these tasks by clicking on:

Fine motor skill activities to support learning in math and ELA. Seesaw preloaded activities that work great as an introduction to the Seesaw platform.

Click on the image above to find this digital activity.

Phonics practice activities

After students complete a phonics activity with you, you can assign additional practice.  These Seesaw activities are preloaded to SEESAW, but you can also add them to your Google Classroom.

You can read more about these digital tasks by reading:

Seesaw Activities for in-class or distance learning. Daily math and literacy tasks for the entire year! PowerPoints are also included for use on other digital platforms.

Digital Games?  Absolutely!

Games and learning are the BEST!   I have a set of early kindergarten games and a set of early first grade games.

You can read more about these games by clicking:

Digital games for kindergarten. Great for distance learning and classroom use, too! Preloaded to Seesaw and also available for Google Classroom.

I have included a set of lesson plan examples for virtual teaching or if you are in the classroom.  These are editable, so you can make them your own.   You can download them by clicking HERE.  NOTE:  They are in PowerPoint, so you will need that program to open the file.

Digital Choice Board Free Template

If you scroll to the bottom of this blog post, you will find a link to download your digital choice board free template.


Digital Choice Board Free Template

Digital Choice Board Free Template Download

Add your email to the box below.  NOTE:   School emails can sometimes block these types of downloads, so if you don’t get the file in your email inbox (and it is not in your Spam/Junk folder) you may want to try a different email.  This digital choice board free template is also in PowerPoint.

Digital Choice Board Free Template

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