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opinion writing in kindergarten

Opinion Writing in Kindergarten

April 20 Deedee 2 min read

Last week I had the opportunity to work on opinion writing in kindergarten.  Oh my!  So much fun!

 Our units do introduce writing for a reason as a unit of study. However, I like to teach opinion writing spirally!  As you know, kindergartners grow leaps and bounds in their transcription skills, so I want to give them plenty of opportunities to express their opinion in writing throughout the year.

We started with a question.

I used invented spelling because I am working with this group of students on spelling FEARLESSNESS!
Students wrote their opinion on a slip of paper and placed it on the pocket chart.

I introduced the opinion anchor chart… Here is one that is included in the unit.

Anchor chart for opinion writing in kindergarten. Love how easy this is to understand!

 Here is what they came up with! 

I think the best way to get around on my own is skates because I am very good and they are very fast.  I love skates.


A skateboard is the best way to move places because they do awesome tricks.  That is the best way to get around.


I think the best way is motorcycles because motorcycles are very fast.


The best way to get around is a motorcycle because it has sharp turns.  It is very, very fast.  I never fall off because I am an excellent driver.

Oh my goodness!  Isn’t kindergarten the BEST!

 Here is what is included in the opinion writing in unit. 


Swing by Deanna’s blog to see the rest of the opinion writing samples!

opinion writing in kindergarten


  • Carrie Lemke April 28 at 5:53 pm

    I love the helper chart the student is using. Do you have a link to that?

    • Deedee April 28 at 8:58 pm

      Sorry, I do not. That was something that the teacher in this classroom made for herself. I know that Michelle Oakes has one.

      Here is a link to her Kindergarten Helper.

      Kindergarten Helper

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