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Deedee Wills - Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Holidays and Christmas Around the World Digital Centers Kindergarten Activities

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Holidays Around the World Digital Centers are here!  These digital centers represent 15 different countries as students complete math and literacy skills. Because they are digital, there is zero prep!




This set is just one click away from being added to your SEESAW LIBRARY  or your GOOGLE SLIDES library!


For this unit, I made all of the tasks with one link. In this way, students can select the order in which they want to complete each task. There is a student checklist that will help the students keep track of what they have completed. For those of you with a free Seesaw account, that will save you from having too many activities in your Seesaw library.


A video introduction has been provided to support your students!

Holidays Around the World Digital Centers Include:

  • Ending Sounds Preloaded Seesaw Kindergarten Activity
  • CVC Words Preloaded Seesaw Kindergarten Activity
  • Blends  Preloaded Seesaw Kindergarten Activity
  • Digraphs Preloaded Seesaw Kindergarten Activity
  • Rhyming  Preloaded Seesaw Kindergarten Activity
  • Syllables Preloaded Seesaw Kindergarten Activity
  • Sight Words Preloaded Seesaw Kindergarten Activity
  • Sentence Reading Preloaded Seesaw Kindergarten Activity
  • Comparing Amounts Preloaded Seesaw Kindergarten Activity
  • Addition Preloaded Seesaw Kindergarten Activity
  • Subtraction Preloaded Seesaw Kindergarten Activity
  • Counting Objects Preloaded Seesaw Kindergarten Activity
  • Making 10 Preloaded Seesaw Kindergarten Activity
  • Counting on Preloaded Seesaw Kindergarten Activity
  • 2D Shapes  Preloaded Seesaw Kindergarten Activity
  • 3D Shapes Preloaded Seesaw Kindergarten Activity

Countries/Customs Represented:

  • America
  • Germany
  • India (Diwali)
  • Israel (Hanukka)
  • Italy
  • Philippines
  • Sweden
  • Mexico
  • Russia
  • Africa- students will learn that Kwanzaa was created in order for African Americans to pay tribute to their African ancestors
  • France
  • England
  • Australia
  • Afghanistan (Ramadan)
  • Brazil





Q: How does this connect to Seesaw?

A: Inside the download, you will find a file with the links. You simply click on the link (inside of the PDF) and it will ask if you want to add it to your Seesaw library. How EASY IS THAT!?


Q: Will these files also work in Google Classrooms?

A: Yes!  There is a link for Google Slides as well.


Q: Do you need my Seesaw login information?

A: No, inside of the document, there are links. As you click on the links, the lesson will be added to YOUR set Seesaw activities. It does not matter if your TpT email is different than your Seesaw email.


Q: Can I share these files with my parents?

A: These files are meant to be shared. They may not be placed on a school-wide server that is not password protected.


Q: Can I share these files with my team:

A. This purchase is for a single classroom use only. You may purchase an additional license if you wish to share the files with another teacher.


Q: Will my parents need a different login to use these activities.

A: No, these activities will be added to your library and you can assign them as usual.


Q: Will these work on  One Drive, Canva, Class Dojo?

A: As long as they just require a link to your Google Slides account or your Seesaw account, you are good to go!



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