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Fun Kindergarten Fall Activities for Centers (Free File)

Kindergarten Fall Activities

Happy Fall to all y’all!

One of my favorite times of year is also one of the best times of year to be in the classroom! Kids love all the symbols of fall! They get so excited when pumpkins, scarecrows, ghosts, costumes, and fall leaves start to appear!

And who doesn’t love Fall themed Math and Literacy Centers too? I’ve had a blast putting together this collection of highly engaging (& really fun!) fall-themed centers for you!

November literacy centers for kindergarten

These math and literacy center activities will make a perfect addition to your fall lesson plans. Your students will be engaged in meaningful learning with these fun centers, which frees up your time to help students in small groups. 

Learning Centers, some call them Learning Stations, but whatever they’re called in your part of the world, they’re WAY more than just fun for kids. Learning centers are at the apex of best practices for the kindergarten classroom. 

Learning centers are both academically rigorous and research-based. Classroom centers are engaging and effective tools for teaching the curriculum and meeting state standards for early grade learners.

kindergarten literacy center for November

Education experts define learning centers as “developmentally appropriate designated areas of learning for enrichment, academic skills, discovery, creativity and engagement, through hands-on activities.” (McLennan, 2011)

According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (1995), “children gain so much more than learning new skills from participating in learning centers.”  Math and literacy centers should be part of the kindergarten curriculum because they teach children how to:

  • work together cooperatively
  • respect others
  • respect materials in the learning center
  • problem solve within the activity
  • problem solve by working with others


Perhaps the best of all… 

All children can learn since learning centers can provide the opportunity for differentiated instruction. (Gullo & Hughes, 2011).

Fun Kindergarten Fall Activities for Centers (Free File) 2

These fall kindergarten centers will keep your students engaged and learning during center time, while you’re instructing small groups in math and ELA. This bundle of fun Fall and Scarecrow center rotations provide kindergarten students with an opportunity to practice math skills and literacy skills with independent work. These literacy centers and math centers are perfect for your autumn lesson plans!

Because these centers are purposely predictable, they’re ideal for any kindergarten classroom. The activities don’t have to be re-taught month-after-month. Students can apply their new knowledge to the same activities, with different themes each month.

Kindergarten fall center activity

Each kindergarten center has a recording sheet that can be used for tracking student progress during these independent activities. That makes them a great idea for EASY PREP centers for teachers! Plus, each activity is standards-aligned.

Within this bundle you will find 9 literacy centers and 8 math centers. In ELA, students practice identifying and working with beginning sounds, ending sounds, upper case and lower case letters, syllable counting, and simple sentence writing.

During math centers, students get practice with counting, 10 frames, base, 10, addition, subtraction, and filling in the missing number.

kindergarten fall activities for literacy centers

Each activity addresses the standards, and the recording sheet is a great way to show that
students are working on mastery. The variety of activities shows areas where students may need extra help, too.

HINT: I recommend laminating the pieces so they will last year after year!

Check out the recently updated fall math and literacy centers here:

Fall Activities for Kindergarten – Pocket Chart Centers

This editable pocket chart center is a great activity for practicing sight words and beginning sounds.  Students love choosing and reading the cards! They don’t even realize how much they’re learning as the activity progresses. 

Do you ever have 10 minutes of transition time that needs to be filled with something academic? I love this pocket chart activity for just that! It is great for playing a few minutes before going to specials or right at the end of the day.

hide and seek game for the pocket chart

Students love trying to find the hidden picture behind the cards!

pocket chart game for november

Teaching first or second grade? Looping? This pocket chart activity is easily editable so you can differentiate the game for other grades, or practice other levels within a grade.

pocket chart game response activity

Check out year-long bundle of these hide and seek games:

Digital Fall Activities: Seesaw Activities for Kindergarten

Fall + SeeSaw = Kindergarten classrooms having a blast while learning!

These zero-prep math and literacy centers can be used online and are also perfect for center activities, morning work, early finishers, home study, homework and even distance learning.

Fun Kindergarten Fall Activities for Centers (Free File) 3

Set your students up for success with these SeeSaw preloaded themed math and literacy centers!

These digital math and literacy centers are a super fun way to bring technology into the classroom. With 20 slides, your students will never get bored with these skills-based digital learning activities!

Thanksgiving and Fall Math and Literacy Centers

Thanksgiving is such a hectic time of year! If you’re not planning to travel, then you’re probably hosting or cooking! Save yourself some time and stress with this ink-saving bundle of math and literacy centers with a Thanksgiving theme!

Fun Kindergarten Fall Activities for Centers (Free File) 4

Take time to enjoy November with your students, as they review math and literacy skills. The easy to use, low prep November  bundle of math and literacy center activities include: seasonal sight word cards, word family sorts, beginning and end sounds, spin and write, and much more. And the fun themes keep kids engaged!

Fun Kindergarten Fall Activities for Centers (Free File) 5

You can find these ink saving center activities for kindergarten here:

Fall Center Activities for Kindergarten - Write the Room

We can easily categorize almost ALL kindergarten students as kinesthetic learners, so why not make the most of their energy by using centers that let them move around the room?

This Fall-themed Write the Room activity does just that! It’s a great way to get those kids up and moving while growing their math and literacy skills!

Fun Kindergarten Fall Activities for Centers (Free File) 6

Pull out that bin of clipboards and get started! Just teach the kids one time, how to use these purposely predictable activities, and thereafter, they’re able to work independently at their centers. They won’t need to interrupt your small groups because they have the confidence that comes from the familiar activities.

Each center activity comes with a response sheet for students to complete. Students walk around the classroom, finding the cards that you placed throughout. This Write the Room center activity set is such a fun way to practice those all-important math skills and literacy skills, with a splash of fall fun!!

Fun Fall Free File

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Additional Fall Activities and Ideas

Have fun with these kindergarten fall activities and center ideas! Here a few other blog posts to help you fill up your fall lesson plans!

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Deedee Wills

Deedee Wills

My teaching career allowed me to experience teaching in different classroom environments and grades. My heart belongs to early childhood education. My job is to make teaching FUN, ENGAGING, and EASIER. Welcome!

Hi, I'm DeedeE.

My teaching career allowed me to experience teaching in different classroom environments and grades. My heart belongs to early childhood education. My job is to make teaching FUN, ENGAGING, and EASIER. Welcome!

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