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Deedee Wills - Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Teacher Week: Tips and Tricks!

Today is the final day of Blog Hoppin’s Teacher Week!
Today’s subject is around tips and tricks!  Well, I am going to tell you how I CHEAT!
When it comes to decorating my classroom, I like to hand-make displays.
Here are two that are inside of my classroom.
How do I cheat?  I look at clip art!  They have great blacklines that I can follow.  If you have a projector of some kind you can even… wait for it… trace it!
I made these to hang over the kindergarten and Pre-K classroom doors.  They are about 3′ x 4′ each.  Can you guess who created these clip art images?  (Hint… I am addicted to her clip art!)
I also did the same when I created the bulletin board outside of my classroom.
I was asked where I get my letters for my bulletin boards and displays.
I use my Silhouette!   I love that I can use ANY font I have on my computer.  I also love that I can download cut-able files for about .99 each!   I wish I had one to give away, but I don’t.  They do offer an educator’s discount.  I have the Cameo which has a wider cutting deck, but I honestly think I would be thrilled with the Portrait.  It has a smaller deck, but I think it does everything the Cameo does.  AND it is cheaper!
Speaking of cheap tools, I LOVE these!  The first two make bulletin boards a breeze!  Gift wrapper… where have you been all my life?!   If you look at the bulletin board with the monkey, you will see that the boarder (green and white polka dots) is on the outside of the frame.   This Scotch cutter cuts such a straight line without ripping…AND it takes just seconds, so I didn’t need the boarder.  Good bye scissors!
The tool in the middle helps me clean up old displays lickity split!
The staple remover on the right is the one my students use during writer’s workshop.  I love it because it does not rip the pages!  I got mine at a teacher store, but here is a link to a similar product on Amazon.
I can’t wait to read up on other tips!  Sometimes the more random… the better!

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Picture of Deedee Wills

Deedee Wills

My teaching career allowed me to experience teaching in different classroom environments and grades. My heart belongs to early childhood education. My job is to make teaching FUN, ENGAGING, and EASIER. Welcome!

Hi, I'm DeedeE.

My teaching career allowed me to experience teaching in different classroom environments and grades. My heart belongs to early childhood education. My job is to make teaching FUN, ENGAGING, and EASIER. Welcome!

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14 Responses

  1. Love your 'swinging into Kindergarten' wall. It looks fabulous. I'm a bit jealous that you made the door signs for your buddies. Maybe I will make some for my Kindergarten colleagues too. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Julie 🙂
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  2. I love the idea of using a projector to create your displays! I have one in my classroom this year and plan to use it just for this to create a giant tree!

    Tacky the Teacher

  3. Love the idea of using the gift paper cutter to do bulletin board paper… so stinking smart!!


  4. I really would love a cameo but the price is crazy! Besides the size can the portrait do EVERYTHING the cameo can and how much does size matter when your doing projects?

  5. Great seeing your displays. I too bought a Cameo (it was both Christmas and birthday presents) but when I tried creating with it at Christmas, the learning curve was steep. Did you find it difficult to learn how to figure cutting depths? My cutting blade doesn't seem to click on a number, so I'm unsure whether to leave it on a number or leave it where it clicks. I've wasted a lot of vinyl material this way and had very little success to show for it. I would love to hear some of your tips for it.

    Donna Williams

    1. Oh Donna, I was speaking in tongues last summer when I first started out. I even shed a few tears. Here is what I did: I put the video in and did each step slowly with the video… like it took me 2 hours to cut one thing. I swear I was doing it right, but I had a mumbled mess! After watching the video, it all came together. I'm not sure what I am doing differently, but it seems to work great.

      I would practice on paper before vinyl. Paper is a little more forgiving.

  6. Did you trace each piece onto bulletin board paper? The colors look so crisp and vibrant.

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  8. Probably a long shot, but I am on a quest to find that staple remover pictured in the middle, I use one like it at work but there is no brand on it and it was there before I was and it’s dying. It’s nice and sturdy and holds up to the abuse a document prepper puts it through! I have no idea where to find one like that. Any help is appreciated please and thank you.

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