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Deedee Wills - Mrs. Wills Kindergarten

Math and Literacy Center Activities 1st Grade Growing BUNDLE



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8 math and 8 literacy stations that are perfect for the each month of the school year

“I Can” cards help students gain independence.

This math and literacy center is a growing bundle. Each month, an additional month’s worth of activities will be added. See the bundle cover image to find out the dates!

This math and literacy unit currently contains the following files.

If you are looking for Kindergarten Math and Literacy Centers, you can find them by clicking:
• Math and Literacy Centers: BUNDLE

These are very predictable centers. Each month will contain similar tasks and layouts. The skills will change and grow in complexity as the year continues. In this way, students will learn the skills at the center vs learning how the center works. This will equal student independence!

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