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Kindergarten Literacy Centers and Math Centers – Valentines Day and Presidents Day February

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Save time and printing costs with this black ink only kindergarten centers for math and literacy for Valentine’s Day and President’s Day. Print out each of these center activities on colored card stock or construction paper and your students will remain engaged throughout the entire center rotation.


Set your students up for success with these kindergarten math centers and kindergarten literacy centers that are perfect for the beginning of the year or anytime throughout the year. Your students will gain independence with these centers while they will improve their literacy and math skills.


With plenty of opportunities for practicing each skill, your students will dive into these kindergarten math centers and kindergarten literacy centers each day.


Save money by purchasing 9 months in this one bundle!


Over 126 math centers and literacy centers are perfect for kindergarten.  These will last you all year!




Literacy Center Activities for Kindergarten

  • Love that Vowel – Students will sort the cards by long vowel sounds. Students will color the vowel sound on the response sheet.
  • Vowel Puzzles – In this groundhog themed center, students will solve the word puzzle and then write the word on the response sheet.  This is perfect for isolating beginning, middle and ending letter sounds and spelling CVC words.
  • Winter or Spring Digraph– In this groundhog themed literacy center, students will spin the spinner and color the hat that matches the digraph. Students will write the digraph on the response sheet.
  • Love those Beginning Sounds – Students will say the first sound of the picture and then write the word on their response worksheet.  This is perfect practice for identifying initial sounds.
  • Lady Liberty Endings – This is a Statue of Liberty themed activity in which students will say the word and listen for the ending sound. Students will write the word and draw a picture on their response worksheet. This is perfect for identifying ending sounds.
  • Good Fortune Sight Words – This is an editable sight word center activity so you can add your own high frequency words. Students will spin the spinner and write the words.
  • February Sentences –  Students have two different sets of matching activities. These sentences feature baking Valentine treats and American Symbols. There are TWO weeks worth of sentence work.


Math Center Activities for Kindergarten

  • Sweet for 10 Frames – In this center, students will count the hearts in the ten frames.  Students will write the number of hearts on the response sheet and color the ten frame to match. Numbers 0 – 20 are included in this math center activity.
  • Hello Spring! Base 10 – Students will count the base ten blocks and then write the number on the themed response sheet. This is perfect to understand the relationship between quantities and numbers.
  • Happy New Year Make 10 – Students will count the items  in the tens frame and decide how many more they need to make ten. Then students will record the equation on the math response sheet.
  • Best Buddies Order – Students will say the numbers on the hearts in order and then write them in order on the math response sheet. This is perfect practice for counting to 100 by 1s and 10s.
  • Valentine Counting – Students will count the number of each item on the card. Students will record how many there are of each item on the response sheet. This is perfect for students to practice understanding the relationship between numbers, quantities, and connecting to cardinality.
  • American Symbols Addition – Students will count the American Symbols and write an addition equation and the sum on the math response sheet.
  • Bunny Love Subtraction – Students will count the Valentine items and subtract the items with an X on them. Students will then write a subtraction equation and the difference on the math response sheet.




You will love using these predictable center activities that will keep your students engaged throughout your center time. You can also use these kindergarten centers for small group work, morning work, homework, and much more!


Each month you will find familiar tasks, so you do not have to reteach the kindergarten center activity each time. Each kindergarten math center has a response page option with plenty of skills to practice.


Use the kindergarten literacy centers to help your students improve their reading and writing skills. Kindergarten reading can be challenging, but not with the sorting cards and practice opportunities included in this bundle so your students can over-learn the skills they need to succeed.


Included in each month of kindergarten centers:

  • Minimum 7 kindergarten math centers
  • Minimum 7 kindergarten literacy centers
  • Recording sheets for the activities
  • Each center has 9-12 task cards for extra practice
  • “I Can” cards to help build student independence


What teachers are saying…

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “Loved how it was all in black and white to save lots in color ink. The kids enjoyed these activities during centers. Thanks for sharing.” – Veronica H.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “The students love these centers.  I also have the monthly color bundle.  I put these out at centers depending on the skills being reviewed and level of the students.  I usually put out three activities. This gives them some choice in which activity they want to do.” – Nanette P.


⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “I love DeeDee’s products!  This one is easy prep and gives choices for my students during station time, as well as differentiation based on skill.   Thank you for another great product!” – Michelle T.


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